Monthly Archives January 2014

Why does war recur?

Everyone claims to be opposed to war, yet war is one of the constants of history. Why is that? Why can’t we rid ourselves of war? Woodsworth One students kicked off the Winter Term exploring the many different  ways to study war, and evaluating different explanations for why wars recur.

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WDW One Students Explore their Strengths

This week’s Co-Curricular activity was called “Exploring your Strengths for Academic Success.” Before class, students were required to fill out the Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment, created by  Gallup, Inc.,  a global, research-based consulting company. The StrengthsFinder assessment helps students identify their top five signature themes of talent and gives them action to help them develop academically, […]

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Getting Ready for Second Semester!

This week we’ll be starting the Winter term, which focuses on global affairs and emerging technologies.  We’ll talk about anarchy, war, cooperation, and trade. Why do wars occur? And how do they transform global order? How does cooperation come about?  The second section of the term focuses on emerging technologies that promise to transform existing […]

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