Application Information

WDW One 2018-2019 Application (clickable link)

1. Apply! (clickable link)

This will take you to the Faculty of Arts & Science One Program application system. You can complete applications for as many of the programs as you like (although there is a separate application for each.) 

2. Login to the System

Use your University of Toronto applicant number to log in. The pin for the system is your birth date.

3. Select Woodsworth One

You will need to select Woodsworth One to open the application page on the system. 

4. Fill out the Application

You will need to select your stream (Order & Disorderand complete one long answer question. Our program focuses on the needs and wants of our students, so we want to get to know you. Tell us about yourself and your interests! 

5. Receive a Response

We send all applicants an email acknowledging receipt of their application. These are also updated on the application system. If you are offerred a spot in our program, please log back into the system and accept your offer. If you do not accept your offer by June 1, it will expire. 

Questions or concerns? Contact us for an advising appointment!