Experience Woodsworth One: Guest Speaker Senator Consiglio Di Nino

During the month of November we were quite pleased to have former Senator, the Honourable Consiglio Di Nino, address our current cohort of Woodsworth One students. A very charismatic and eloquent speaker, Mr. Di Nino was quite open and direct about facilitating a discussion about anything which spoke to the interests of our students. Topics included immigration, the conflict in the Middle East, the senate scandal earlier this year, and voter apathy among young Canadians. Our students greatly appreciated the opportunity to engage with Senator Di Nino, and found the experience to be a very unique piece in their program involvement.

About Senator Di Nino:
In 1979, after 23 years’ experience in the financial sector, Mr. Di Nino, together with a group of other Ontario business persons, founded and presided over Cabot Trust Company and subsequently Cabot Capital Corporation, the trust company’s parent. Under Mr. Di Nino’s stewardship, Cabot Trust grew to a profitable, successful mid-size organization, widely respected within the community. Because of its stature in financial circles as well as in the community it served, a major financial institution purchased 100% of the company in 1991 at a considerable price premium compared to the industry standards at the time.

In addition to his business experience, Mr. Di Nino has an extensive background of volunteer commitments to various community service groups. He has served in senior capacities in numerous organizations including: Chairman, Harbourfront Corporation; President, Canadian Italian Business and Professional Association; and President, Scouts Canada, Greater Toronto Region.

For the past 40 years, Mr Di Nino has been a major participant in the development of the Villa Charities Inc. campus at Lawrence & Dufferin Avenues in the central Toronto area. This campus consists of an 18 acre parcel of land, containing some of the world’s most successful examples of charitable and not-for-profit  programs. It employs approximately 800 full-time staff, and has an annual operating budget in excess of $75 million. The 391 bed Villa Colombo Home for the Aged provides exceptional care for seniors requiring 24 hour permanent nursing care. The 170,000 square foot Columbus Centre delivers social, cultural, recreational and educational services to several thousand in the community each year. As past President and Chairman of Villa Charities Inc., Mr. Di Nino has played, and continues to play, a major role in the development of this outstanding community organization which has received both local and international acclaim.
Mr. Di Nino was summoned to the Senate of Canadian 1990 where he served until his retirement in 2012.