Frequently Asked Questions

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Please review the following FAQs. If there’s something that we’ve missed, or if you have a more specific question, feel free to Contact Us directly.  

We also offer individual advising appointments that can be done in person, over the phone, or online. For more information on booking an appointment, please visit our Contact Us page.

New to 2018-2019, we are running a program which connects prospective students to a recent alum, to learn more about their experience with the program. For more information, please visit our Contact Us Page.

Download the U of T One Programs brochure and watch the  Foundational Year Programs video.

First Year Foundations: The One Programs


Will the One program I take count toward my degree?

  • Yes, Woodsworth One is made up of two half year courses (H) courses which make up one full credit towards your degree here at UofT. 

Does Woodsworth One count as a Pre-requisite course or fulfill any Breadth Requirements?

  • Each stream is made up of two half-credit courses which each count as a full credit toward your degree. They are not pre-requisite courses for specific programs, but do satisfy breadth requirements. The Order & Disorder stream (WDW151 + WDW152) satisfies Breadth Requirement 3, Society and Its Institutions. The Popular Culture Today stream (WDW153 + WDW154) satisfies Breadth Requirement 1, Creative and Cultural Representations. Please note: the Popular Culture stream will not be offered in 2018-2019.

Do I have to be a Woodsworth student to apply?

  • No, our program is open to any Faculty of Arts & Science student from any college at the St. George campus.

How will students be selected for Woodsworth One?

  • We seek to build a community of students from across Canada and around the world. In particular, we are looking for students who are keen to engage with their classmates and who are open to innovative approaches to learning. Students are more than just a number, so, while we will look at your grades, we are most interested in your application essay.

Do I have to apply to a One program?

  • All First-Year students are invited to apply to One programs, but you are not required to take a One program. However, if you would like to be in a One program, you must submit an application.

Can I apply to more than one of the Woodsworth One programs?

  • No. Your application must specify which of the two streams you are interested in, either Order & Disorder or Popular Culture Today. If you are having difficulty deciding which is best for you, contact us for an advising appointment. Please note: the Popular Culture stream will not be offered in 2017-2018.

Can I apply to One programs at other Colleges in addition to Woodsworth’s?

  • Yes. Students at UofT St. George Campus may apply to any of the ONE programs offered at the colleges or the Munk school.  You must fill out a separate application for each program you are interested in. If you are admitted to multiple programs, you may only enrol in one of them.

Can any first-year student apply to any of the One programs?

  • All First-Year students at the St. George campus are invited to apply to any of the One programs run through the colleges. Students at the University of Toronto Mississauga may only apply to utmOne, while First-Years at the University of Toronto Scarborough campus can only apply to UTSCOne:iExplore.

Where does Woodsworth One lead?

  • The program provides students with the skills and resources they need to be successful overall. The courses are not a specific requirement for any program, so students can go anywhere from here. Many of the students who choose to study the Order & Disorder stream declare programs in Criminology, Psychology, Economics, Ethics, Society & Law, International Relations, Peace, Conflict & Justice studies, Sociology, Political Science, Equity Studies, or Philosophy. However, you can study in any program – we have also had students declare majors in Astronomy & Physics, Biology, or Health Studies. 

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