Woodsworth One: Order & Disorder Student Spotlight – Mathew

During the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting some of our students here at Woodsworth One: Order & Disorder to gain first-hand insight into the program.

Name:  Mathew Davis (Student Liaison, WDW One Order & Disorder)
Program of Study: History Major, Political Science and Human Geography Minor 
Year: 3
Commutes from: Spadina and Harbour 
Favourite WDW One Moment: Getting to see politicians fight like children when we went to Queen’s Park
Why Choose WDW One Order & Disorder?: It provides a great foundation for the academic transition to university, but also the social changes as well.
Tip for Current WDW One Students: Use TA and professors’ office hours whenever you can. They actually mean it when they say they are there to help you.

To connect with Mathew to gain more insights into choosing WDW One: Order & Disorder, please contact one.wdw@utoronto.ca.