What Is Woodsworth One?

What is Woodsworth One?

Woodsworth One offers students a small class experience for their first year of university. Students take two half-credit courses (one in the Fall and another in the Winter), and each section is capped at 25 students. The small class size provides rich opportunity for discussion and critical thinking. There is an emphasis on interactive learning, which can entail role-playing, simulations, debates, and small group activities, and the course material compliments subject matter in other introductory first year courses. We also go on field trips, watch documentaries, and have guest speakers! Check out some previous Co-Curricular activities.

Students choose from one of two possible streams: Order & Disorder or Popular Culture Today. Both streams cover a range of topics from the Social Sciences & Humanities. To learn more, review our information page on Our Streams

Why should I take Woodsworth One?

Woodsworth One offers students:

  • Small classes, but a big community
  • Interactive learning experiences, field trips, and guest speakers
  • Networking & advising for future academic and career paths
  • A direct connection to the professor
  • Workshops to build academic skills: test-taking, time management, essay-writing, and more
  • Lots of support: upper year mentors, and support staff dedicated to aiding the transition to university
  • A fun, engaging, and memorable first year experience!

New for 2019-2020: We have simplified the process of joining WDW One! Students can enrol themselves in our courses on course registration day — no application is necessary. Students wishing to participate in the Order & Disorder stream should enrol in BOTH WDW 151 (Fall) and WDW 152 (Winter). Students seeking to be in the Popular Culture Today stream should enrol in BOTH WDW 153 (Fall) and WDW 154 (Winter). 

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