Life After Woodsworth One

What do students study after Woodsworth One?

The Woodsworth One Program is an interdisciplinary seminar that draws on a variety of social sciences, however, our students declare a variety of programs. Although the majority of students choose to follow programs within the Social Sciences (such as Criminology, International Relations, or Employment Relations), many students declare programs of study in the Humanities and Science disciplines as well.

The following infographics are based on statistics from the first cohort of Woodsworth One students who entered the program in 2012-2013. The information reflects the areas of study and programs of study declared by students.

Declared Areas of Study 2012-2013 v2


Declared Programs 2012-2013v2

Participating in Woodsworth One helps students feel prepared for the rest of their university careers.

Woodsworth One connects students with resources such as the Academic Writing Centre, a Learning Strategist, the Office of the Dean, and the College Registrars—resources which they can draw upon for the remainder of their degree. It also exposes them to involvement at Woodsworth College and the University of Toronto, and helps them discover extra-curricular activities that play to their strengths.

“In an environment like the one at the University of Toronto, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, and to not know where to start when seeking help, or picking a major, or how to get to your ideal job. The program gave me many tools to be able to confront these fears and make the university environment more personal. I maintain my judgment that being part of the Woodsworth One program was priceless, and something I would recommend to any student entering university.”

— Sara Urbina WDW ONE Student 2012-2013, currently majoring in International Relations and Economics