Woodsworth One: Order & Disorder Student Spotlight – Samantha

During the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting some of our students here at Woodsworth One: Order & Disorder to gain first-hand insight into the program.

Name: Samantha Davis 
Program of Study: Double Major in Ethics, Society, and Law and Criminology and Sociolegal Studies 
Year: 3
Commutes from: I have a short commute from Charles St. East! 

Favourite WDW One Moment:

My favourite Woodsworth One moment was going to Queens Park for question period! It was one of those things that you always say you are going to do but never get around to, especially when school is stressful and time consuming! So, it was really great to be exposed to that as part of the course!


Why Choose WDW One Order & Disorder?: It is an incredible opportunity! It provides you with the foundation to be successful in university, from friends to connections with professors and upper-year students. Most importantly, it builds an academic foundation that will help you decide on your path of study! There have been so many times, even in my third year courses, that a topic will come up and I have an understanding of it because we covered it in WDW One. 

Tip for Current WDW One Students: A tip that I have for current WDW One students is to use the resources that the university has to offer. So much of WDW One is about ensuring our success in university and providing students with the information they need to reach out. You have an amazing registrar equipped with financial advisors, academic advisors, and learning strategists! You also have a student life coordinator and access to mental wellness services! The resources are there for you to use, even if you aren’t sure what you need! 

To connect with Samantha to gain more insights into choosing WDW One: Order & Disorder, please contact one.wdw@utoronto.ca.