Woodsworth One: Order & Disorder Student Spotlight – Stephanie

During the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting some of our students here at Woodsworth One: Order & Disorder to gain first-hand insight into the program.

Name: Stephanie Bianco 
Program of Study: Criminology Major, Human Geography and Sociology Minors
Year: 3
Commutes from: I lived on residence for my first two years but I now live 5 minutes away from campus! 
Favourite WDW One Moment: Meeting some of my closest friends at U of T
Why Choose WDW One Order & Disorder?: If you’re looking for a small community to share your first year with at U of T, your WDW One cohort is it! I am so grateful that I got the chance to share my first year with the people and professors I did. Not only does WDW One give you a support base for year one of your undergraduate program, you can expect alumni events to transition you into upper-year life. 
Tip for Current WDW One Students: Get Involved! Whether it’s playing a new intramural sport, writing for The Varsity, or running for student government – there is so much value to be found in extracurriculars! 

To connect with Stephanie to gain more insights into choosing WDW One: Order & Disorder, please contact one.wdw@utoronto.ca.